Who needs who more in the Philippines?

BAT Philippines and Imperial Tobacco Group have selected Gawad Kalinga (GK) to channel their CSR activities as it is a high profile community organisation of international repute. Both BAT and Imperial are into building houses […]

UNDP makes public its exclusion of tobacco industry

UNDP has released its official position on non-partnership with the tobacco industry. UNDP’s exclusionary criteria applied to industries that “Manufacture, sale or distribution of tobacco or tobacco products”. The official document is now available online:policy on partnerships [see […]

Philippines: Tobacco Industry Fails Trust Index

The 2015 Philippine Trust Index survey results show that tobacco, alcohol, advertising and public relations are the least trusted industries in the country’s business sector. The 4th Philippine Trust Index is released by Engage, a newly launched public affairs and […]

KT&G joins race for bigger overseas market share

Korea’s KT&G is set to be the world’s No.5 transnational tobacco company. KT&G’s overseas sales of cigarettes this year are expected to overtake its domestic sales, partly because of increased exports and a huge decline […]

BAT rebrands CSR to ‘CSI’

No, CSI does not stand for ‘crime scene investigation’- in this case, it is ‘corporate social investment’. BAT knows its corporate image is taking a beating by calling its handouts as ‘CSR’ (corporate social responsibility) […]

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