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ILA Campaign to end the unfair tax deal with Lao PDR which undermines public health

The British tobacco company Imperial Tobacco has struck a special tax deal with the government of Lao PDR to limit tax on tobacco products produced and sold in Lao. The deal is depriving taxpayers in one of Asia’s poorest countries of tens of millions of pounds and will last for 25 years until 2026. 

Lower taxes mean lower prices. More affordable tobacco means that young people in Lao PDR are increasingly becoming addicted to a product that kills half its lifetime users.

Sign our petition and call on Imperial Tobacco to end this shameful deal. We urge Imperial Tobacco to respect Laotian people and the sovereign right of the government of Lao PDR to fulfil its obligations under the WHO tobacco treaty.

You can read this article to find out more about the deal between Imperial Tobacco and the Lao Government.