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Advertising/PR Companies

Leo Burnett: US Ad agency Leo Burnett is the creator of PMI’s Marlboro Man. More recently Leo Burnett created the ‘Don’t Be a Maybe, Be Marlboro advertising campaign. In 2012, PMI spent US$62million on this ‘Be Marlboro’ campaign. This campaign was launched in about 50 countries including in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

J Walter Thompson: J Walter Thompson Korea created the Esse Mild ad in Indonesia.

The Ogilvy GroupOgilvy & Mather Indonesia acquired the account for Gudang Garam’s Surya Slims in 2008. Marketed as a low tar, mild brand, Surya Slims were launched amid Government plans to limit cigarette production to 240 billion sticks by 2010.

BAT Malaysia is one of OgilvyAction‘s large clients – they handled Pall Mall, Viceroy, Peter Stuyvesant and Rothmans brands.



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