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MAC update August 2016


Indonesia’s tobacco industry interference index launched

The high level of tobacco industry interference in Indonesia helps explain why the country is not acceding to the WHO FCTC and lagging behind other countries in implementing basic tobacco control measures. On 15 August, the Indonesian Public Health Association (IAKMI) together with local tobacco control advocates launched the Indonesian country report on 2016 Tobacco Industry Interference Index.

This Index is part SEATCA’s regional initiative with ASEAN countries in a survey on implementation of FCTC Article 5.3. In the past few years, Indonesia has been showing the worst levels of industry interference compared to other countries (see here and here) and continues to remain at the bottom of the leader board in the latest survey.


Indonesia misses deadline to join COP7 as FCTC Party

Sadly, Indonesia has missed its opportunity to join 180 governments in attending COP7 in November as a Party to the WHO FCTC. The deadline was 6 August (the treaty would come into force for Indonesia 90 days after accession).

In June, the Indonesian President said the government was willing to ratify the FCTC, but needed more time because they wanted to study the matter in greater detail. They did not want to accede to the FCTC simply because other 180 countries had done so. However, he did not indicate how much time the government needed.

The FCTC is a life-saving treaty meant to arrest the global tobacco epidemic. Indonesia’s accession to the FCTC would be a sign of its national and international commitment to stop the entirely senseless and preventable 240,000 Indonesian tobacco-caused deaths every year.