Bizarre & ridiculous statements from TI and its spokespersons

8 July 2016

No, we haven’t heard it all – here are some bizarre and downright ridiculous statements and names from the tobacco companies and their sympathisers.


Sinister ‘honor’ from BAT Philippines: “… we can still take responsible and honourable positions.”

Ref: Manila Bulletin, BAT supports Duterte’s smoking ban policy, 4 Jul 2016


TI’s hilarious take on Article 5.3: “… the interpretation of Article 5.3 goes off into the stratosphere, where some of the normal laws of physics don’t apply.”



Chilling name for a tobacco leaf company from Singapore operating in Lao PDR: Trust Tobacco Import and Export Company.



 A macabre request in Malaysia: The Tobacco industry wants a “moratoriumon cigarette excise to allow the market to stabilise”. By the way BAT’s, largest tobacco company in Malaysia, net profit rose 1.7% to US$226.3mil for 2015.


5  Say what? Indonesia Parliamentarian: “… threat of anti-tobacco movement in the country is far more dangerous than direct threats from foreign countries.”

Ref: DPR Tegaskan RUU Pertembakauan Tak Berpihak ke Pengusaha

Have you read any similar crazy tobacco industry’s statements?