Case Study: Philippines

In July 2009 an Article 5.3  Committee was formally set up under the Department of Health (DOH) to develop implementation strategies to fulfill the obligations under Article 5.3 as elaborated by the Guidelines. The Committee is composed of DOH directors and high-level policy makers, high- level representatives from the Civil Service Commission (CSC), Office of the President, as well as civil society and NGO representatives. The body meets monthly and has created a working group for Inter-agency Linkages, Policy Development, and Communications.  The Inter-agency Linkages working group coordinates the meetings with key government agencies to ensure that Article 5.3 is implemented in these agencies. The Policy Development working group focuses on developing strategies and policies required to promote a tobacco industry-resistant culture. The Communications  group develops tools, response mechanisms and IEC materials to raise awareness about tobacco industry interference. It has produced fact sheets, posters, and videos relating to Article 5.3. It also developed letter templates and press releases to enjoin agencies to reject donations from the tobacco industry.