Tobacco Watch

Lao: Tobacco Companies Disregard Tobacco Control Law 10 Feb 2018

Brazil: Flavoured Tobacco Products Banned After Long Court Battle 5 Feb 2018

More Oppose Claims of PMI Funded Foundation for Smoke-Free World 31 Jan 2018

WHO: Health risks of heated tobacco products 19 Jan 2018

Wire: Public health advocates want out of smoke-free foundation’s mailing list 19 Dec 2017

Indonesian tobacco farmers caught in rhetoric 15 Dec 2017

TI’s initiatives gloss over realities 4 Dec 2017

Switching to the harmful side 1 Dec 2017

Tobacco farmers remain poor in ILO-Big Tobacco partnership 12 Nov 2017

ILO & Big Tobacco – To be or not to be 28 Oct 2017

TI mocks tobacco control law & governments 13 Oct 2017

Tobacco Industry Corrective Statements – only in the US 10 Oct 2017

Flavor capsules – make smoking ‘cool’ 29 Sept 2017

PMI sets up new foundation to whitewash and distract 22 Sept 2017

UN Global Compact bans Big Tobacco 15 Sept 2017

Malaysia: TI plays word game to roll back ban on kiddie packs 9 Sept 2017

The robber comes to steal 1 Sept 2017

Malaysia: Exposed – TI attempt to bring back kiddie packs 25 Aug 2017

Tobacco industry demonizes TC regulation
18 Aug 2017

JT expands its business in Indonesia 11 Aug 2017

Philippines: Japan Tobacco International buys Philippines No.2 company 4 Aug 2017

Indonesia: Tobacco industry merges retailer incentives with brand promotions 28 Jul 2017

Reuters Expose: Philip Morris’ counter-tactics revealed 21 Jul 2017

Reuters Expose: Philip Morris’ secret operations to undermine FCTC 14 Jul 2017

Thailand: ban on tobacco related CSR comes into force 6 Jul 2017

US-ABC facilitates PMI’s access to top leaders, again 30 Jun 2017

TI screams ‘brand theft’ after losing plain packaging fight 23 Jun 2017

ECOSOC adopts resolution to prevent TI interference 16 Jun 2017

Money Managers Survey: Tobacco companies bottom of ‘Respect Table’ 9 Jun 2017

WHO: Tobacco production does massive harm to environment 5 Jun 2017

Danish Institute of Human Rights tells PMI – “Stop production & marketing of tobacco” 1 Jun 2017

JTI’s mischievous statement to new WHO DG 26 May 2017

Breaking News: ITIC cuts ties with Big Tobacco, but next steps needed 24 May 2017

JTI ceasing cigarette manufacturing in Malaysia – but not exiting 12 May 2017

PMI’s 150 million customers vulnerable to disease and death 6 May 2017

BAT spreading damage around the globe 28 Apr 2017

Earth Day: Cigarette butts – big pollution 22 Apr 2017

Philippines: TI’s CSR activities are a cheap white-wash 12 Apr 2017

Decoding BAT’s Sustainability Report 7 Apr 2017

Malaysia’s scream test – TI spins “black market” scare 31 Mar 2017

Vietnam: Philip Morris used US-ABC & US Embassy to access top Vietnamese officials 17 Mar 2017

The ILO must divorce the tobacco industry 9 Mar 2017

Thai Tobacco Monopoly: Should it be privatised? 3 Mar 2017

Indonesia: Children act to protect themselves from tobacco purveyors 24 Feb 2017

Indonesia: Tobacco companies spend big $$ on advertising 16 February 2017

Global: China tobacco dragon set to overtake TTCs 10 Feb 2017

Philippines: No free lunch for the Church 31 Jan 2017

World no.2 will become world no.1 28 Jan 2017

Out-shout the tobacco industry 8 Jan 2017

2016 closes with mixed outcomes for the region 23 Dec 2016

Philippines: Industry-driven tobacco tax bill being rushed through 19 Dec 2016

Philip Morris’ big bucks still with regular cigarettes 12 Dec 2016

E-cig lobby undermines international decision to protect public health 5 Dec 2016

COP7 strengthens ban on cross-border tobacco advertising 27 Nov 2016

COP7 decisions to counter tobacco industry interference 20 Nov 2016

Tobacco industry applies pressure on the COP & Government of India 1 Nov 2016

Tobacco industry’s forked tongue strike at Philippines’ new smoke-free Executive Order 21 Oct 2016

Fast Action ends a sick promotion by Indonesian tobacco company 7 Oct 2016

Tobacco Industry Front Group Continues to Mislead 23 Sept 2016

Tobacco Industry interferes in policy development in ASEAN Region 11 Sept 2016

TC must be stepped up to counter tobacco business in Asia 9 Sept 2016

Fat salaries for TI CEOs, miserly CSR handouts 2 Sept 2016

PMI violates Philippines’ Government Circular, AmCham provides shield 26 Aug 2016

Tobacco Brands – Trust Long Gone 19 Aug 2016

The Olympics, tobacco and personal fitness 12 Aug 2016

Tobacco industry screaming, “Licensed to be killed off” 5 Aug 2016

Tobacco companies mint profits from developing countries 31 July 2016

Cambodia: Tobacco companies violate new pictorial health warning sub-decree 27 July 2016

Uruguay defeats Philip Morris – big win for global tobacco control 15 July 2016

Bizarre & ridiculous statements from TI and its spokespersons 8 July 2016

Two American leaf traders dominate global supply, but fail local farmers 23 June 2016

Tobacco industry screams grow louder in ASEAN region 18 June 2016

PMI’s ‘crown jewel’ = more disease and deaths for Indonesia 9 June 2016

Plain packaging works, industry and its reps scream 3 June 2016

American Think-Tank Tries to Intimidate SEATCA 23 May 2016

Tobacco Industry Manipulates Asian Tobacco Farmers again 13 May 2016

A Question to Ministries of Finance and Customs Departments 5 May 2016

Asian smokers boost BAT’s profits 28 Apr 2016

Why plain packaging must standardise sticks too 20 Apr 2016

Obscure awards for a desperate industry 14 Apr 2016

Indonesia: Jakarta Governor criticised for allowing tobacco expo 10 Apr 2016

Vietnam: Bad news for public health as TI set to grow 2 Apr 2016

BAT downsizes in Malaysia but expands in Vietnam  25 Mar 2016

Official Note Verbale issued on TI Interference & ITIC 14 Mar 2016

Tobacco exhibition returning to Indonesia under different name 10 Mar 2016

Tobacco Industry is a polluter – it must pay clean-up bill 7 Mar 2016

Philip Morris undermines shift to alternate livelihood 29 Feb 2016

Tobacco industry incriminates itself 21 Feb 2016

Deadly business drops “tobacco” from name in makeover 12 Feb 2016

Indonesia: PMI’s $1.9billion = more cigarettes & promotions 9 Feb 2016

California date for ASEAN leaders 9 Feb 2016

Malaysia: Social Security fund plans to divest from tobacco 5 Feb 2016

Indonesia: PMI plans to increase profits by selling stronger cigarettes 31 Jan 2016

Indonesia: INDEF sings tobacco industry tune 22 Jan 2016

Bangkok: Thai Attorney-General takes Philip Morris to court over tax evasion 22 Jan 2016

First Singapore, now Norway calls for tobacco sales ban on those born after 2000 13 Jan 2016

Singapore moves forward on plain packaging 13 Jan 2016

Malaysia: Tobacco control is looking good in 2016 27 Dec 2015

Indonesia pays heavy price for being tobacco friendly 27 Dec 2015

Australia wins plain packaging case against Philip Morris 21 Dec 2015

USA: Teens too young to buy tobacco, but may absorb nicotine 12 Dec 2015

Philippines: The Mighty-PHILCOMAN Awards 12 Dec 2015

BAT Expose: What it means for ASEAN Region 7 Dec 2015

Exposed: BAT exposed for offering bribes to African officials 3 Dec 2015

Malaysia: efforts to regulate e-cigarettes intensifies 29 Nov 2015

Who needs who more in the Philippines 19 Nov 2015

UNDP makes public its exclusion of tobacco industry 11 Nov 2015

Philippines: Tobacco Industry fails Trust Index 5 Nov 2015

Malaysia: E-cig biz wins a small victory, no ban for now 3 Nov 2015

End TI Corporate Giving: A Review of CSR in Southeast Asia 26 Oct 2015

Philippine: Countdown on Nov 5 deadline for PHW has begun 20 Oct 2015

KT&G joins race for bigger overseas market share 1 Oct 2015

Philip Morris meets Indonesian Parliamentarians in the US 17 Sep 2015

BAT rebrands CSR to ‘CSI’ 9 Sep 2015

US health watchdog to take legal action agains e-cigarette makers 7 Sep 2015

Is Philip Morris talking to your Customs DG? 25 Aug 2015

Tobacco Industry Meddles and Thwarts Tobacco Control in the ASEAN Region 20 Aug 2015

Tobacco cultivation moving in opposite direction in S Philippines 11 Aug 2015

Why tobacco industry exploits the poor though CSR activities 6 Aug 2015

Do you have $50 million for legal defence? 3 Aug 2015

Singapore’s decision to ban e-cigarettes ruffles PMI 27 Jun 2015