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Signs of Success

Most countries have an existing Code of Conduct and corresponding enforcement mechanisms, but implementation often leaves much to be desired. The specific recommendations relating to the tobacco industry reinforces these Codes of Conduct and encourages governments to take specific immediate action to enhance implementation.

The government is successful in implementing WHO FCTC Article 5.3 among government employees and officials if it formulates, adopts, or incorporates:

  • Code of Conduct provisions that take into account the peculiarity of the tobacco industry and those representing its interests
  • Accountability measures to ensure that State policies to prohibit incentives, partnerships and interactions with the tobacco industry are followed
  • Rules to require government employees and officials to execute a Declaration of Interests
  • Sustained awareness-raising programs to ensure that the government personnel understands the need to protect themselves from tobacco industry influence.
  • Enforcement measures that include protection of whistleblowers and involvement of civil society

Checklist: Signs of Success