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Are you a Target?

Is your agency concerned with public health policy in relation to tobacco control? Find out more by answering the questions below:


 The development or approval of policies, programs and projects that maybe related to tobaco control?
 The development and/or implementation of health-ralted policies and programs?
 The promotion of the welfare of vulnerable sectors including protecting the sector’s health?
 The development or implementation of policies on tobacco taxes and/or licenses (e.g. collects taxes or fees on tobacco and related products or proposes measures that affect the rates of taxes, fees duties)?
 The registration and licensing of or collection of any type of information from tobacco companies?
 The development or implementation of government poices relating to the promotion of integrity, transparency, and accountability of public officials?
 The enforcement of relevant laws or policies such as tobacco-regulation laws (e.g. smoking bans, advertising bans, tobacco smuggling, tax evasion), as well as laws that promote integrity, accountability and transparency of public officials?HAS YOUR AGENCY:

 Signed any contract with the tobacco industry?
 Accepted, supported or endorsed policy drafts from the tobacco industry?
 Given awards to the tobacco industry?
 Entered into partnerships or agreements with the tobacco industry?
 Received contributions from the tobacco industry?
 Given any privilege, incentives or benefits to the tobacco industry?
 Participated in tobacco industry’s ‘social responsible’ activities?
 Allowed any publicity of tobacco industry’s so-called ‘social responsible’ activities?
 Allowed interaction with the tobacco industry that is not strictly necessary for effective regulation?

If you checked any of the above, then your agency could be a target of the tobacco industry.