Tobacco Watch

Tobacco Industry Continues to Increase Business in Asia

The Industry’s performance for the first half of this year is in – Asia continues to be good for global tobacco industry’s business.

Euromonitor International has released the latest findings:

  • 5.6 trillion sticks sold worldwide
  • Of the top 10 markets in the world – Indonesia and Philippines are top 3, along with China, positive growth for the industry, while the other 7 mainly high income countries such as US, Germany and Japan are showing negative growth prospective.

Top 5 transnational tobacco companies

China Tobacco (44%), PMI (15%), BAT (11%) and Imperial Tobacco (4%)

How is the tobacco industry attracting more smokers

  • Pack innovation such as tactile finish to packs such embossed surfaces and bevelled edges
  • Product innovation – such Flavour capsules (eg double menthol), Recessed filters, Superslims/ demislims/ microslims (eg superslims with capsule), and Pocket Packs and more compact pack sizes

Q: What impacts tobacco sales the most?

A: Legislation and high taxesAction for countries: hasten and strengthen national tobacco control legislation and keep increasing tobacco tax.

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